Cosmic Resonance Program (CRP Meditation)

Cosmic Resonance Program (CRP) – Is an energy boosting program to raise your vibrational frequency instantly. It’s a higher form of meditation through which
You can Scan, feel and experience the energy of each and every chakras and invisible subtle bodies.
You can, not only experience the energy but can also heal it, which in turn increases the self healing powers.
Everything in this world is vibrating at certain frequency, which is called resonance frequency. Through CRP you can increase the resonance frequency of any organ, body parts, or subtle bodies which helps to improve the health.
Through this process any healthy person can also raise their frequency for a deep and heavy relaxation.
It takes only fifteen to twenty minute to fall into deep meditation, which in normal case will take at least 40 minutes to one hour
You can experience the flexibility, expansion and contraction of your own subtle bodies.
Learn to move your subtle bodies…
Learn and experience the chidakasha within you. In a sense you can experience the universe outside and inside.
You can open the closed chakras and nadis of yourself and any one else.
You will learn to do cosmic surgery
You will learn to heal any kind of desease, any situations, relationships etc
Will activate your dharana Shakti/sankalp Shakti (telepathy)
Will activate your mind power to activate any object, vigraha or anything else(tele kinesis)
Learn and activate your hidden potential of pre-cognizance to give shape to your future ideas
will teach you some new things like use of brahma chakra
axis meditation
family meditation
universe key code meditation
goal manifestation
birth meditation
self optimization meditation
midpath meditation – elimination of karmas
how to seek help from holy sidhas to take you out from any problems you are facing
how to be one with the God
Activate the God in you
To learn more about CRP please WhatsApp at: 9818860179

Benefits of Cosmic Resonance program

  1. Become mentally and emotionally peaceful
  2. Merge with cosmic consciousness in just 15 mins
  3. shed all fears and fobias and Remain in sat chit Ananda
  4. always radiate love and mercy and remain in inner peace