Crystal Healing Therapy

5 Days Crystal Healing Therapy Online Course- 90 Min Per Day

Day-1 = theory part – what is crystal ? – do crystals have consciousness ? – are they able to listen to us ? how do they work ? how do crystals connect with the universe ? do they have that much power ? is there any limit of crystals reach ? how far crystals can send messages ? I will unfold the mystery. If you are curious join now.

Day-2 = types of crystals – 7 chakra crystals, crystal healing basics – cleaning, activation and programming. I will empower the participants with the divine cosmic powers….. so you will get double benefit.. first – benefit is you will learn crystal healing therapy, second benefit is you will get the cosmic power… interested ? join now

Day-3 = powerful crystal mandala healing formation, mandala activation and prayers. Through this process you will be able to synchronise your body, mind and emotions which will help you to achieve mentally, physically and emotionally peaceful – end result will be good health without medicines….. a peaceful mind can cure many incurable diseases if practiced regularly. Interesting ? join today

Day-4 = use of crystals for distance healing, self healing, healing to cure desease, relationship healing, organ healing, healing for money, promotion in job, save your marriage from divorce, strengthen the love between couples, increase family bondage, increase sleep, increase the energy of your conscious self, increase the energy of your house-office-factory or work place, use of crystal for deep meditation, use of crystal for organ transplantation, use of crystals for protection and many more – isn’t it amazing.. join today

Day-5 = diagnosis through crystals. How to predict, past-present and future through energies present in the physical body and invisible bodies…. Also you will be able to see if there is a pitrudosha, any negative entities inside. whether all chakras are open or closed… once diagnosis done then you will be able to do the remedial measures….. so join today…