Integrated Mind Therapy

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This powerful workshop will teach you how to use the unlimited power of your subconscious mind safely and effectively to help you recover from various illness.

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Course content:
Pain control, Control addictions (to take you out of smoking and alcohol), Cure depression, Cure anxiety, Cure Insomnia, cure Mental disorders, develop confidence, weight Loss therapy, focus on studies, Remove fears, trauma and phobias, change negative belief system into positive beliefs, insight on past life therapy, will teach you telepathy, tele kinesis and pre-cognisance.
How to achieve your goals, Attract money, Achieve Success, Reprogramming of your subconscious mind

Join our workshop for success in life & carrier
Participants will get free audio recordings of the session
Mind therapy will have 2 parts
1. Hypno therapy
2. How to use the enhanced mind power for meditation
Type of meditation we will do in this program
1. control your mind
2. pain relief meditation
3. subconscious reprogramming
4. weight loss meditation
5. hypno healing
6. focus on job, carrier, business and money making
7. experience death – this will solve many unresolved issues
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